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UMS Adult Scholarships and Waivers

One of the many challenges adults face as they return to college is financing their education. More and more adult students are heading to college and The University of Maine System (UMS) is committed to supporting adult learners who are seeking to improve their professional opportunities, or to expand their general knowledge. The demands of a competitive marketplace have made a college education vital to advancement in many professions. 

UMS has several options for Maine residence seeking funding assistance for their education.  While many are offered directly through each institution, the following are funds specifically for adult students.  

PLEASE NOTE:  As a result of the funding parameters for the scholarships below, we are not able to award applicants for both awards.  Please review the eligibility criteria for each award and apply for only one of the scholarships below to avoid being denied any award. 

The Adult Degree Completion Scholarship fund supports students returning to school to complete their academic studies. For many, these may have begun years ago, and were not completed for a variety of reasons.

The Opening Doors Scholarship offers assistance to newly enrolled students pursuing their degree or workforce credential.

The Senior Citizens Waiver offers tuition and Board approved mandatory fees for students 65 years of age or older who register for undergraduate courses on a credit or audit basis at any university of the University of Maine System.  For more information on waivers, contact your financial aid office.